About the Author

This is my web page. At the tender age of 66 I offer this web page to the internet public, which contains the result of 20 years of my research on Nicaraguan themes. It contains several of the books I have published, as well as manuscripts I have written. It contains a small section on the Roman antecedents of Spanish colonial law, to assist the researcher in making sense of the law of the family and Decedents´ Estates that governed Central America for 300 years. It contains the papers I have presented at conferences throughout Central America, mostly written in Spanish, but a few written in English. It contains photos of the Nicaraguan countryside, some places not often visited. It contains some photos of Nicaraguan orchids that I have not published elsewhere, and some examples of pre-Columbian pottery, all found in Nicaragua. And it contains things that interest me about Nicaragua. Some of these articles may be a bit obscure or quirky. No matter, here are my pictures and writings. I am selling nothing and wish to show Nicaragua as I know it.

Pat Werner
Diriamba, Nicaragua
January 1,2015