An Introduction to Nicaraguan Orchids

Diseño: Patrick Werner y Moisés Montenegro
Fotografías: Patrick Werner
Tiraje: 500 ejemplares
Impreso: Impresión Comercial La Prensa
Managua Nicaragua, Julio 2001

2 Comments on “An Introduction to Nicaraguan Orchids

  1. Hi, Pat. This is Pat Laguna. I live in California, US. I am very interested in orchids of Nicaragua. My husband and I visited and took a tour from Esteli’ to an orchid farm. It was a long bumpy ride and a mile and a half walk up a steep muddy hill. We saw maybe 2 one inch orchids in the whole area. I was so disappointed. I expected to see beautiful, colorful orchids growing all over rocks and trees. I am building an eco spa resort in Granada, on Lake Nicaragua. I wanted to do something with orchids: hot house? So tourist would come and see them. We would paint them on walls of hotel, have information about the different species, etc. I don’t know how I could cultivate them. You seem very knowledgeable about them. I already own the 80 acres I want to build on. It would be great if we could collaborate on this project. Hoping to hear your ideas, I am sincerely yours, Pat 253-732-0144 my website is barely starting, I want people to watch us grow:)

    • Iwill be in touch later today by phone. Orchids are always a good idea. I have been gtaking pictures of orhids through the years and have a bunch.

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