Laws of Toro

Promulgated in 1505, soon after the death of Queen Isabel, the Laws of Toro represent a modification of the ways and means that the aristocracy could use to preserve wealth over generations and modernized rules regarding legal procedure and practice. The previous major work on these issues was the Siete Partidas, written in 1265 A.D by Alfonso X. Castile was in the high middle ages when that code sort of went into effect. By the time the Laws of Toro were promulgated, Spain had experienced an awakening brought on by many factors, including the discovery of a new world in the western hemisphere with the promise of bringing much wealth to Castile and Spain. Its aristocracy was growing in power and wealth and the Laws of Toro became a means to further aggrandize wealth and power.
Included is the original text of the Laws, which are comprised of 83 laws, a topical index, a conversion table of provisions between the Laws and the Nueva Recopilación, and an English translation of the Laws.

Laws of Toro – Table

Law Category                             1,2 Enabling Legislation 3-5 Wills 31-32 Wills 24 Validity of Will 6-10 Intestate Succession 11 Definition of Natural Child 12-13 Intestate Rules of Inheritance 14-16 Testate Rules of Inheritance 17-23 Bequests 25-28 Bequests 29 Inheritance versus Dowry 30 Costs of Burial 33-39…

The Laws of Toro, 1505 – Translation

Translated By Pat Werner

Laws of Toro – Topical Index

I. Enabling Legislation: Law 1 Enabling Legislation Law 2 Application of these laws in one year and judges must learn the laws in this time II. Rules of Inheritance A. Wills and Intestate Succession Law 3 Change in rules for nuncupative wills Law 4…

Compendio de los Comentarios Extendidos

Escrito por el Licenciado D. Pedro Nolasco de Llano, Abogado de los Reales Consejos, y actual Corregidor, capitán á Guerra, y Juez subdelegado de rentas de la Villa de Trebugena por nombramiento del Excelentísimo Señor Duque de Medinasidonia.

Leyes de la Nueva Recopilación y Leyes de Toro

July, 2007 Capitulo 58 NR Libro 5 Titulo 1 Ley 1 Capitulo 15 NR Libro 5 Titulo 1 Ley 4 Capitulo 7 NR Libro 5 Titulo 1 Ley 6 Capitulo 47, 48 NR Libro 5 Titulo 1 Ley 9 Capitulo 50 NR Libro 5…