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Travel Down The Rio Coco into Bocay River

The Contra War ended in 1990, and soon afterward the Recontra movement began, which led to the formation of large guerrilla bands in the north country. The largest Band, called 380, demobilized at the village school of Cualatu in 1994. Other bands began to…

Academic Dean with Dean’s List students, Fall, 2014.

Gold Mining in Nicaragua

By Pat Werner February 3, 2007 When Nicaragua was much younger, and I was too, I worked for a time in the old aduana at the Mercedes airport on the north highway. I knew the old Guardia Nacional colonel, and I made some extra…

Werner-Press Card, 1990

Nicaragua, Elecciones 1990.

Passing the Samaska Rapids at Bocay River

Ucapina Mountain

Ganando el Campeonato de Tiro del Ejército de Nicaragua, 2010

Winning National 2012 Police Pistol Championship

Team of oxen crossing the Coco River at the ancient for at Nueva Segovia

Coco River with Miguel Angel de la Trinidad CIAU OEA, with gherrila band