Werner-Press Card, 1990

Nicaragua, Elecciones 1990.

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  1. Hello Mr. Werner
    I just ran across your website ,Nicaragua Pathways. Read your May article about your staying and waiting to see how the current political situation resolves.
    I am a past resident of Nicaragua for 10 years, but I sold my property and left in 2007 when Ortega regained presidency. I was somewhat apprehensive about his return to power !
    I would like to return , but as it is now things seem pretty unstable, but maybe it is worth the risk. Just maybe, as I’m not up to date of everything there.

    I would very muchl like your opinion as to what you think about returning .. perhaps to buy a small finca and retire..

    I have not been able to find any current news as to how expats are faring now. If there is any hostility, robbery, towards expats, etc. I’ve only seen that some properties have been taken over, but that those reports are of property that seem to be directed towards anyone suspected of political activity against Ortega. Although one report stated that the Swiss company that planned to put in a factory for processing maracuya had their property squatted on.

    I have good Nica friends that can help me in anything I require and that may be a little help, but nothing is certain as to what will happen in the next year or so as far as I know.
    Thanks for your opinion as to the current situation with regards to expats living in Nicaragua at the present time..

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