Travel Down The Rio Coco into Bocay River

The Contra War ended in 1990, and soon afterward the Recontra movement began, which led to the formation of large guerrilla bands in the north country. The largest Band, called 380, demobilized at the village school of Cualatu in 1994. Other bands began to turn in their arms. The exception was the region of Bosawas, the largest natural reserve in Nicaragua, comprising about 8,800 square kilometers. I was interested in looking for some old ruins that Ephraim Squier had mentioned along the Bocay River. Accompanied by OAS field representatives Miguel Angel de la Trinidad and Dr. Ernesto Ortega. We put in the Coco River just south of Wiwili, heading down stream to the mouth of the Bocay River. We then set up camp at the village of Amaka, and began to explore the area, passing over the Samaska Rapids. We did not find any ruins, but did get a glimpse of the northern jungles and the Mayagna Indian nation.



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